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AM Hi-End 805m

AM Hi-End


Here at Audio Music we believe that the personality of the music within the performance is the most important part of the reproduction.

How do we pursue the true musical atmosphere from the original performance?

We believe that in order to preserve the music’s personality remains most important goal.

During many years of research, we found that the newest of digital technologies cannot meet its demands, so we went back to the most basic analog circuits, not only to achieve a better frequency response but also to reduce distortion to an absolute minimum.

Modern test data shows just the basics, and can only be taken as a reference. The positioning of each instrument and correct timing is more important. Our goal was to preserve the soundstage depth, height and width, also respectfully preserving the music’s emotion and expression.

These most crucial aspects are hard to obtain from measuring alone. Many manufacturers believe that if it measures well, it will sound good. This is frequently not true. Many many hours of listening test and careful component selection and implementation are required in order to preserve the atmosphere of realistic playback.

It takes a great deal of basic research to achieve a properly designed circuit.

The design of the power supply is fairly traditional, as the structure of a single-ended, directly heated triode is simple; there is no push-pull circuit crossover distortion, only a sound with a smooth and transparent timbre which we have found to be most favoured with the true music lover.

The size of the transformer must be sufficiently large to supply effortless power. The transformer we use is a HIB Double C Core, that has been perfected after many years of research and development.

We abandoned all semiconductor components, so start with a purely analogue design. We also believe that the amplifier should be direct coupled to the power supply, without using any coupling capacitors.

In order to reproduce the maximum musical dynamic range, using the simplest circuit, the power supply adopts traditional P type filters and chokes. The power transformer, output transformer and driver transformer all use HIB Double C Core, the chokes used are EI.

It is due to the careful research, development and long hours of listening tests, to select the best possible circuit and component compliment that results in the sound you hear from all Audio Music products.

The 805 is a high-efficiency Class A single-ended amplifier

The Power transformer, Output transformer and Driver transformer are based on a Double C HIB Core design.

Direct coupled design, to achieve a maximum dynamic range and musicality.

Special double choke transformers for B power circuit to reduce hum.

The S/N ratio is improved by DC coupling, eliminating capacitors from the signal circuit. A truer sound can be achieved by a combination of direct and coupled transformers.

The chassis features a 12mm aluminium top plate for aesthetics, and massively thick foundations for attaching components too, in order to optimise sound reproduction.

Above information taken from AM Hi-End Website.


  • Tube complement  6V6 or KT66 as the drivers, ECC88 as the amplifiers . PSVANE  805

  • Frequence response 20 Hz ~ 55 KHz 

  • Input Impedance 100k ohms

  • Input  sensitivity 1 V

  • S / N > 90dB 

  • Input selections RCA single-ended ;  balanced / XLR

  • Power Output      50w

  • Load impedance   4 & 8 ohms

  • Power consumption 180 watts

  • Dimensions (W * D * H) 260 X 460 X 220  (mm)

  • Weight 31kg (each)

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