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Jay's Audio


THE Flagship Top-loader CD Transport


Equipped with Philips CDPRO2 LF, proprietary tuned by Jay's Audio chief, Jay Ho. 

The CDPRO2 module is mounted to massive aluminium plate which are in turn affixed with damped mountings for complete mechanical isolation.

Jay stock piled hundred of CDPRO2 LF. Critical audiophiles who demand longevity of the CDT are well covered with the spare parts when needed.



In digital audio, the quality of the crystal plays a big part in the audio quality. 

CDT3-MK3 is equipped with low noise, low phase noise, low jitter, ultra precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator.

The residual jitter at <1ps is undetectable with the test equipment on the market. 


Master Clock I.O.

CDT3 can be synchronised with downstream equipment (DAC) via its 10MHz clock I/O.


With external clock connected, it bypasses the internal OCXO, the CDT3 is slaved to the Master Clock. 

Mechanical Isolation

Tremendous amount of attentions to vibration control were implemented.


Milled high grade aluminium chassis, coupled with milled internal vibration control aluminium structure, the CDT3 is built like a tank that spin the silver Redbook CDT with negligible g-force.


Above information taken from Jay's Audio Website.


Design Highlight:

  • Jay's Audio Tuned CDPRO2-LF Mechanism 

  • Schurter IEC Inlet

  • Improved Noise Filter with 110v/230v switching

  • Talema Encapsulated Transformers

  • Multistage Super Regulator with Boutique Grade Caps

  • Neutrik XLR

  • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO

  • i2s LVDS Output 

  • Scientific Digital Output Isolation Transformer

  • Native/Upsampling 44.1kHz / 176.4kHz Configurable via Toggle Switch


Supported Formats:

  • Redbook CD, CDR, CDR/W only**



* The dimmeable display may turn on where there is a signal to trigger it to turn on; the signal can be a remote control signal, or an internal CDM4/19 processor signal. It is normal and shall not be viewed as a defect. 


** Redbook CD transport only. Doesn't support HDCD/SACD/DSD

  • Digital Output: COAX (RCA/BNC) 2v @ 75ohm ; AES/EBU 5V @110ohm

  • I2S Output: HDMI i2s LVDS, RJ45 i2s LVCMOS

  • Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz, 176.4kHz

  • Clock-Output: 10MHz / 5 V p-p / 75 Ω

  • Clock-Input: 10MHz / 0.3 – 5 V p-p / 50 to 75 Ω


  • AC Power: 110V/230V, 50-60Hz

  • Dimension: 450mm x 380mm x 150mm

  • Weight: 22KG

  • Warranty: 12 months

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.


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