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Horning Hybrid

Below statement written by Tommy Horning of Horning Hybrid


I am very well aware that many fellow music lovers do not have the space for a large loudspeaker. Having created the majestic Eufrodite, my next objective was to translate those fundamental design principles into a smaller cabinet which would demonstrate the same attributes and qualities. So, that restless passion from which has evolved loudspeakers that win accolades at the most distinguished audio celebrations, has been dedicated to producing a model for those of us whose musical appreciation is compromised only by space constraints.

The Horning Aristotle has been scaled to present convincing music for discriminating enthusiasts with dimensions specifically intended for smaller listening rooms. Listen to the Horning Aristoteles and it’s like magic, you’ll suspend disbelief, you’ll visualise a vast musical soundscape and, because there can be benefits in smaller spaces, soloists and vocalists will appear with near tangible, intimate presence.

I am particularly proud that Horning loudspeakers have achieved their status amongst knowledgeable enthusiasts without hype, advertising or marketing, they convince on hearing. The Horning Aristotle aims to present as persuasive a soundstage as our flagship loudspeakers. Its performance is such that its demands are just as great; only the finest sources. Above standard incorporated  2 tesla high power driver. PM65H  2.45 Tesla.  World greatest power loading low 5 gram dynamic weight. Horning dealers can demonstrate the supreme musical abilities of the Aristoteles loudspeaker.

The Aristoteles can be delivered with the expensive mighty PM65H from the Eufrodite and the Agalma Horning Statement. Downscaled from the flagship Eufrodite, and  introduces the Aristotle Ultimate, a 100 cm tall, 32 cm wide tower of 48 cm depth that packs 2 x 8″ woofers , once again using Horning’s wave-guided tweeter and denuded Lowther midrange. System sensitivity is 96 dB or 97 db with PM65H. (With PM65H £16,400.00)


Driver Units


  • Two 8 inch woofers

  • One tweeter driver covering between 200 – 12000 Hz

  • One mid-range driver

  • Filter: Acoustical filters at 200 Hz and 12000 Hz, one capacitor for tweeter above 12000 Hz.

  • Impedance: 4 Ω

  • Frequency spectrum: 30 – 20000 Hz  ±3 dB

  • Efficiency: 96 dB 2.8 v in 6.1 Ω (1 W)

  • Amplifier power: 10 to 20 W (above 20 watt  keep the sound level under 115 dB)

  • Cabinet principle: Horn loudspeaker

  • Connector type: WBT-0703 Cu

  • Wiring: Horning silk covered 300 x 0.1 Litze 99.99 % copper wire. 

  • Dimensions: Hight: 100cm Width: 32cm Depth: 48cm

  • Weight: 40 kg



Tineo                                      Makassar

Other Finishes not shown above may be available, please contact us to discuss finishes.


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