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JAY'S AUDIO, founded by Jacky Ho, focused on designing and manufacturing Redbook CD transport, CD Player using the Philips CDPRO2 LF, and CDM4 mechanisms for nearly two decades.


Today, despite the advancement, and evolution of the computer music playback, the convenience of music streaming via PC/streamer, Jacky still believe in the standalone digital CD transports are the best way to reproduce music.

Willow tree audio are Exclusive Dealers for all Jays Audio products in the UK


A standalone CD Transport based on Philips CDM4.


The CDT2-MK2 variant aims to capture music lovers who already own a decent DAC where the CD Transport will be feeding the 16bits, 44.1kHz signal through HDMI i2s / Coax / AES EBU to.



A CD Player, based on Philips CDM4 mechanism with Soekris R2R DAC


The CDP-2 equipped with Danish' Soekris dam1021 R2R DAC, converts the native i2s CDM4 digital signal to buffered/unbuffered analog signal via the signed-magnitude discrete R2R DAC, with the customed NOS filter, one can argue the sound is natural, and full of emotion.


The CDP-2 can be used with the external DAC through the HDMI i2s / Coax / AES EBU digital output.



The Jay's Audio DAC is a high-performance DAC developed over two years. The USB input adopts XMOS's latest XU208 as the USB Audio receiver. The DAC core is the latest flagship of AKM: dual AK4497EQ as the main chip of digital-to-analog conversion, AK4118 ultra-low jitter as digital audio input receiving chip, using STM32 as the control core of the whole machine. Xilinx's large-scale FPGAs handle the digital processing of clock systems and digital audio streams. The PCM supports up to 384Khz. The DSD uses native direct solution technology and supports up to DSD512.

Rubidium Clock


10Mhz Rubidium Clock

The JAY’S AUDIO RUBIDIUM CLOCK  RC-PREMIUM is an ultra-accurate clock generator developed with referenced & based on Esoteric Master Clock. It’s compatible with high-end equipment namely Esoteric, DCS, Antelope, BigBen etc.


The RC-PREMIUM built on the success of RC series, with far more superior performance.


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