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Kinki Studio

VISION THR-1 Headphone Amp

The VISION THR-1 headphone amp is designed to drive any headphone, literally. RMS output power rated at 2.2W 300Ω, 1.3W 600Ω. It comes with tripper headphone output jacks. Two Neutrik 6.3mm single ended jacks cater for low impedance and high impedance headphone, respective. One balanced Neutrik 4-Pin jack for the convenience to use with balanced headphone.


UK-Made AMPLIMO transformer, genuine premium parts sourced from legit distributors, i.e. RS-Component/Mouser/DigiKey/Farnel, can be found in the THR-1. Not only does the components guaranteed the longevity of the products, but also guaranteed the sound quality consistency in long run. 


Neutral sound reproduction, balance across all frequency with little or no coloration was the characteristic of THR-1. The oversize EXICON MOSFET Output Transistors provide strong control, micro-dynamic, micro-contrast and excellent drives. This is especially so even on the hard-to-drive AKG K1000, THR-1 handles the music reproduction with K1000 exceptionally well. 


No problem. The THR-1 can be doubled up as Pre-amp by a toggle switch located right beside the volume pot. In Preamp mode, the headphone output is bypassed, the volume of the Preamp output can be controlled by the volume pot as a passive preamp.

Above information taken from Kinki Studio Website.



  • Frequency Response: 20-300kHz (±1dB)

  • THDN: 0.0014% (80dB)

  • S/N Ratio: >98dB

  • Dynamic Range: >115dB

Input / Output


  • Input Sensitivity: 2.25Vrms - 3.6Vrms

  • Input Impedance: 50kΩ

  • Input Connector: RCA x 1, XLR x 1

Headphone Output:

  • Output Voltage: ±70VAC

  • Output Connector: 6.3mm x 2, XLR 4Pin x 1

Preamp Output:

  • Output Voltage: 2.25Vrms - 3.6Vrms

  • Output Connector: XLR x 1

Dimension & Weight:

  • Dimension: 270W x 100H x 210D

  • Weight: 6KG

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.


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