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Lector DigiDrive Mk3

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Reference CD-Player top loading transport

Mechanics has become a rare expertise in these all electronics times.Although mechanics act as the heart of the very source, improvements and research are focused on the electronic aspect only. A very small number of sophisticated mechanisms are available in the market but they all come from mass production technics not suitable for top quality music reproduction.

The Digidrive Top-Loading reference transport combine our long experience in design and physics applied to High End Audio with pure mechanism,advanced electronics,audiophile detail and all facilities to open a new dimension in musical enjoyment.

A special material as aluminium cabinet ,output digital transformers and hi-quality servo drive electronics section provides a right balancing for true-genuine performance.

A genuine top loading CD-Player don’t have a centre disc stabiliser integrated with top cover but the disc stabilizer must be free to insert manually in center disc.

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The massive one piece plexiglass solid front board,the one piece of alluminium body especialy the large internal structure off brass guarantee exceptional rigidity and mechanical stability.

Specifications ​

  • T y p e  C D  p l a y e r :​

    • CD player transport mechanism top loading with separate power supply box unit 

  • D i g i t a l   o u t (from factory):

    • Three  digital  coaxial output: 

    •  SPDIF  by pulse transformer RCA 

    • SPDIF by direct by hi-speed transmitter BNC) 

    • AES-EBU RS-422 by XLR connector 

  • D i g i t a l   o u t  (optional)

    • Optical transmitter as :  

    • Toslink / 

    • ST-II by Lector design transmitter at hi-speed     more info... 

  • O u t p u t    i m p e d a n c e : 

    • 75 ohms spdif / 110 ohms Aes/Ebu

  • C a b l e   r e c o m m e n d e d: 

    • BNC-BNC type 

    • XLR professional cable see our balanced cable     more info...

  • P o w e r    s u p p l y :

    • 220vac - 240vac - 120vac-100vac     7 0 v a

  • O v e r a l l    D i m e n s i o n :

    • 400 x 85 x 300 (l x h x p) mm.  main unit 

    • 210 x 85 x300 (l x h x p) mm. power supply

  • W e i g h t    n e t :

    • 12.5 kg

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.


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