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Ziro Audio believe in audio being a pleasure rather than something else to fill the time. Whether your thing is Bach or Black Sabbath, musicality, dynamics and coherent presentation are absolutely essential. What they are currently designing brings you closer to the music in every way.

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With over 4 years of continuous development, and testing, the Ziro Audio Disclosure cable is the pinnacle of their cable range. Built using the finest quality materials, we are confident that this is one of the best audio cables available regardless of price.  A cable that will truly bring your System to life, providing the ultimate listening experience. 

You will experience greater bass definition, a dynamic midrange into a silky and grit free treble, which is lightning fast, and above all else natural.

 Supplied, starting at 1.5 metres rather than the usual 1 metre, whether you use RCA or XLR connectors, the extra half metre allows an easier unstrained connection.

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 A reference grade pure Silver cable which outperforms many others regardless of price using our own in house technologies. A musical experience without fatigue. A pinnacle for musical reproduction, and one of their finest moments. Building from the ˈtranzɪənt/ range the Disclosure speaker cable delivers a holographic sound stage. Events appear and leave from thin air without overhang, creating an intoxicating mix of live reproduction, real dynamics and musicality. Bass extension and slam meet new levels whilst remaining firm and secure.

Ziro make bespoke speaker cables to meet all of your requirements.

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For demonstrations or pricing information please complete the below contact form and one of the team will be in touch, alternatively you can call us on the number below.

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK