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Vida MkII

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In stock and on permanent demonstration the new Aurorasound VIDA MkII Phono stage. Utterly beguiling and incredible value for money

VIDA was released in 2002, after 10years now, its sound, performance and design are well evaluated, and recognised as an outstanding phono stage amplifier in world-wide. VIDA, LCR type equalization system by semiconductor circuit, this was the first approach ever, and still keep the distinguish position. Now, we would like to announce new version VIDA-MkII.

Exterior design is not so much changed, because this design is already perfect and no room for improvement. However internal circuit, PCB, specifications and sonic performance are refined.


  1. LCR filter type phono equalizer amplifier. L=inductor, C=capacitor, R=resistor.

  2. To have ideal “L” of RIAA inductor, equivalent DC resistance factor is strictly selected to improve quality factor.Use 4 pieces L. 2 for high range compensation and 2 for low range compensation. Aurorasound logo printed special version made by Lundahl.

  3. Aurora AMP module2 rev4.0, discrete precision and high performance same with VIDA-Supreme.

  4. Optimized signal flow and path by eliminating a wire harness by new print circuit board.

  5. Robustness chassis design against external radio noise and magnetic leakage.

By these changes, L/R channel separation is improved +6dB, this is double improvement.

THD+N, Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise factor is improved from 0.028% to 0.012%. Double improved.

Stability and reliability are improved for longer term life. Sonic perforce is enhanced. Fulfilling mid range, clear and tight bass, elegant high range with 3D stereo image.


  1. Input section is changed from MC/MM to Phono-1/Phono-2

  2. MC/MM selectable gain and load impedance for each inputs.

  3. By this change, two MC inputs, two MM inputs or MC/MM inputs are selectable.

  4. MUTE SW is changed to OMRON made, better touch and feel.

  5. RCA jack, rhodium plated on solid brass. ( no changed)

  6. Customized options are available, as well as VIDA.


Above information taken from Aurorasound Website.



  • Phono-1 / Phono-2


MC/MM select

  • MC gain  65dB Cartridge load impedance Low/under 15ohm, High/over 15ohm

  • MM gain 40dB Cartridge load impedance 47kohm



  • RCA, 2Vrms, Output impedance 910Ω


RIAA deviation

  • 10Hz ~ 20kHz +/-0.25dB



  • 0.012% MC input,  @1kHa, A-Weighted


Input referrer noise

  • -138dBV MC ground short


Channel separation

  • 90dB, @10kHz



  • Phono-1/Phono-2 select, MC/MM select, MC cartridge load impedance select 

  • Stereo/Mono, Subsonic Filter,  Cartridge degauss


AC power

  • Europe/Asia model AC 220-240V 50-60Hz, USA model AC110-120V 50/60H



  • Main unit W260mm x D250mm x H100mm, 2.8kg

  • PSU W114mm x D200mm x H70mm, 1.4kg

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.

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