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Lateral Audio Stands LAS-4 Concert

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LAS-4 Concert

Designed for listening and the ability to portray musical integrity, message, depth and clarity. The LAS-4 series enables audio components to perform. 

The LAS-4 Concert is the highest performing stand of the series, and has a richness and depth of sound. It has an ability to portray a sound which is full, large and and without excessive forwardness and tension.
The LAS-4 Concert includes the DCP Concert platform for the top tier, this is minimal in it's design and finished with a CNC machined aluminium front facia.

Future performance paths are always important, and are available with the ability to add additional DCP Concert or DCP Integral platforms to each tier. 

The LAS-CC Controlled Contact offers more direct contact options.

2T, 3T, 4T, 5T with single leg lengths of 500mm, 630mm, 780mm.
4T, 5T stands have the additional decoupled upper frame.

Image shows LAS-4 Concert 4T with silver anodised aluminium facia, and Counterpoint feet set as standard.
Reviewed HiFi issue 173
Winner HiFi+ Awards 2019 - Accessory 


Silver or black anodised aluminium facia
Black Satin finish
Black Satin Concert platform
Bespoke spacings(contact your dealer)

Upgrade Options:

DCP Concert platform (additional)
DCP Integral platorm
LAS-CC Contact Component


Above information taken from Lateral Audio Stands Website.

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.

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