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Lateral Audio Stands LAS-9 Cadnez VR

Lateral Audio Stands LAS-9 Discovery

LAS-9 Cadenz VR

LAS-9 Cadenz is a modular performance audio stand for modern audio systems. It subtly uses techniques that reduce and dissipate vibrational energy, with the sole aim of allowing music to be played.

Audio components require a very quiet 'low noise' audio surface, to perform near their full potential. To achieve this, the Cadenz employs a 'Dissipation Array' allied with weight reduction in important areas of the audio surface.

The performance of the Cadenz enables a deep, wide and rich stereo image. Music is allowed to breathe with a mid range which is open and spacious.
It was truly a joy to hear the performance of the test systems using the Cadenz, easily proving it's potential and displaying a capability which was beyond it's price range.

Choose from four spacings to allow a variety of height options, from 2 tier setups upto a more complex 5 tier.


Oak, Black Oak, Maple, American Walnut.

LAS-Counterpoint Spikes (shown in the main image)
LAS-Counterpoint Full set (spikes and floor protectors)

Upgrade options:

For sizes and weight capacity- please refer to the product diagram

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