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Audio Music

AM Hi-End

Audio Music has 20+ years of experience in making output transformers and tube amplifiers, They are real hi-fi and music enthusiast who have conducted extensive research on all kinds of amplifiers.


Their ultimate purpose is to be able to reproduce 'genuine music and not to simply highlight details within an unrealistic sound-stage image. 

Willow Tree Audio are importers and distributors for Audio Music


All Pricing shown below include VAT, Import Duty and Delivery. All products come with warranty unless otherwise stated.

AM Hi-End AMRs Passive Preamplifier

Audio Music R-S

Passive Preamplifier


AM Hi-End RT2 Preamplifier

Audio Music R-T2




Audio Music R-T3



AM Hi-End RT3 Ultima Preamplifier

Audio Music R-T3 Ultima



AM 805M

Audio Music 805m

Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)


AM 833s

Audio Music 833s

Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)


AM 833s

Audio Music 833s Ultima

Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)



Audio Music 833s Pro

Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)

£ Please contact for details

More Info
AM 833M Upright

Audio Music 833m Tower

Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)


AM Hi-End A1000 Monoblock Amplifier

Audio Music A1000

Monoblock Amplifier (Pair)


Screenshot 2021-12-10 at 16.19.35.png

Audio Music  DAC/1



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