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AM Hi-End has 20+ years of experience in making output transformers and tube amplifiers, They are real hi-fi and music enthusiast who have conducted extensive research on all kinds of amplifiers.

Their ultimate purpose is to be able to reproduce 'genuine music and not to simply highlight details within an unrealistic sound-stage image. 

Willow Tree Audio are importers and distributors for AM Hi-End 


Both the amplifier and the power supply sections are isolated to reduce magnetic field interference from the two massive double C HIB power transformers, thus ensuring that pure power is supplied to the amplifier.
The signal circuit is direct coupled and transformer coupled, eliminating capacitors from the signal path to avoid any compression of the dynamic range.
The multiple independent power supplies use an effective π-shaped filter circuit for exceptional noise isolation.



The 805 is a high-efficiency Class A single-ended amplifier
The Power transformer, Output transformer and Driver transformer are based on a Double C HIB Core design.
Direct coupled design, to achieve a maximum dynamic range and musicality.
Special double choke transformers for B power circuit to reduce hum.
The S/N ratio is improved by DC coupling, eliminating capacitors from the signal circuit. A truer sound can be achieved by a combination of direct and coupled transformers.
The chassis features a 12mm aluminium top plate for aesthetics, and massively thick foundations for attaching components too, in order to optimise sound reproduction.



The volume control system consists of a volume switch coupled to a volume transformer, The benefit of this volume control is that the sonic background is very quiet and natural with a detail rich retrieval and a rich musicality that will clearly reveal every note of any piece of music.
A Single Ended design which is more natural sounding and dynamic than Balanced designs employed mainly for the studio environment.
The R-T1 preamp is a dual mono design, from the transformers, power supply to the voltage regulation, all completely separated to avoid noise and cross talk.



For the audio fundamentalist who pursues a flawless neutral sound without any contamination from their devices, the passive is the preamplifier of choice. Theoretically, all that's required from a passive preamp is source selection and a volume control via signal reduction. Ideally, a well designed and built Passive is supposed to link the source and amplifier with necessary controls over the signal. Any altering, rendering and amplification would be considered detractive, however, as a qualified link device, it should also be a good match electronically both to source device and amplifier.



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