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Dayens was founded  in 1991.

Their love for music and wish to become a part of music and artistic creation lead Dayens in design and manufacture of audio products.

Willow Tree Audio are the sole importer and distributor for Dayens in the UK


All Pricing shown below include VAT, Import Duty and Delivery. All products come with warranty unless otherwise stated.

Dayens Ampino Integrated Amplifier

Dayens Ampino

Integrated Amplifier


Dayens Menuetto Integrated Amplifier 

Dayens Menuetto

Integrated Amplifier 


Dayens Ampino Preamplifier

Dayens Ampino

Custom Preamplifier



 Dayens Ampino Custom

Monoblock Power Amplifier 


Dayens Ecstasy III Integrated Amplifier

Dayens Ecstasy III Custom

Integrated Amplifier


Dayens Ecstasy IV Preamplifier 

Dayens Ecstasy IV



Dayens Ecstasy IV SE Power Amplifier 

Dayens Ecstasy IV SE

Custom Power Amplifier 


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