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The active preamplifier Ampino was developed to round up Ampino series and to offer great small-format (so called shoebox) preamp. 

In all of our devices, we use carefully selected components from reliable manufacturers, with excellent technical characteristics, but what is much more important, even better sound. Ease of use, cute format, short signal paths, robust power supply, separate control cards (digital part) and remote control of all functions are just some of the features of our Ampino preamplifier.

Above information taken from Dayens Website.

​Dayens Ampino Preamplifier Features:

  • Compact audiophile preamplifier 

  • No coupling capacitor in signal path (input and output) 

  • Short, clean signal path 

  • 1MHz bandwith (-3dB) 

  • Oversized analogue power supply, toroidal transformer 

  • 2×6.800uF Dayens audio grade electrolytic capacitors in the power supply 

  • Separate power supply for controls 

  • Volume and input remote control



  • Gain: 4dB 

  • Frequency Response: 0Hz – 1Mhz (-3dB) 

  • Input impedance: 100kOhm 

  • S/N Ratio: 100 dB 

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 90 x 150 x 285 mm 

  • Weight: 2 kg 

  • Finish: Black satin 

Line inputs:

  • 2 RCA pairs 

  • Mundorf MCap® ZN tin foil input capacitors 


  • 1 RCA pair 



  • Stamped steel chassis, black satin painted enclosure 

  • Black acrylic face plate 

Internal power Supplies:

  • Toroidal transformer 

  • 2×6.800uF Dayens audio-grade electrolytic capacitors in the analogue power supply 

  • Separate power supply for controls

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.


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