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ARTEMIS is our flagship headphone amp, designed from the ground-up, equipped with the same technologies can be found in our flagship Terminator DAC - Smart Power Worldwide Voltage Auto Switching, Fast Recover Ultra-Low Noise Linear Power Supply, Low ESR Capacitors Bank. It is designed to drive any headphones, from the easy-to-drive to the hardest-to-drive headphone - it can literally handle anything you throw at it, effortlessly.



True Balanced In and Balanced Out, with a audiophile grade metal-alloy shielded 4-gang 24-steps attenuation as volume pot. Full Discrete Class-A bias with oversized heat-sink for effective heat dissipation. ARTEMIS shared the same chassis width & depth with the Pontus and Venus, they make a perfect companion, aesthetically and sonically.  


ARTEMIS is designed by music lover, for music lover. Its ability to reproduce complex music and details with density; ability to render and recreate the sound-stage with great senses of space and precise imaging; in our opinion, is best in class.

Above information taken from Denafrips Website.


Flagship Headphone Amp:


  • True Balanced

  • Fast Recover, Ultra-Low Noise Linear Power Supply

  • Shielded 24-Steps Attenuator

  • Pure Class-A Bias, Full Discrete Hand-Matched Premium Components

Analog Input:

  • RCA, Input Impedance 14kΩ

  • XLR1, XLR2, XLR3, Input Impedance 66kΩ

Headphone Output:


  • 6.3mm Singled Ended 

  • XLR4 Balanced

  • Dual XLR3 Balanced

Maximum Output Power:


  • 32Ω, 4W RMS

  • 50Ω, 3.28W RMS

  • 300Ω, 800mW RMS

  • 600Ω, 400mW RMS

Frequency Response: 10-80KHz (-1.1dB)

THD+N: 0.0014%

Output Impedance: 10Ω


S/N Ratio: 121dB A-Weighted


Dynamic Range: >112dB

AC Power Requirement: 110-240VAC Auto Switching, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: ≤27W Operational, 0.3W Idling

Dimension: 320 x 330 x 70 mm 

Weight: 8.0 Kg

Colour: Black/Silver

Warranty: 36 Months

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.


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