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The Digital To Analog Decoder for attentive Audiophiles

To commemorate DENAFRIPS’s 12 years of digital audio excellence, the VENUS II 12TH-1 Anniversary Edition features several performance enhancements at components level that might not be visible by the naked eyes but certainly audible for the seasoned and trained audiophiles' ears. 

The original VENUS II DAC was awarded the 'Best Digital Component of 2022' by A British Audiophile. The 12th Annv. Ed enhancements took it to another level.

The VENUS II 12TH-1 is a true balanced, dual mono R-2R Ladder Network Arrays DAC. Each channel is equipped with independent high-speed FPGA to facilitate the digital signal decoding by means of 4 sets of 0.005% R-2R network. The choice of such design yield very small linearity error, high decoding speed, low digital noise, not only to ensure that the audio signal is of very low distortion, but also to ensure a very low background music noise; allow listener to enjoy the true music with quiet, black background. 

All digital input are FIFO buffered and reclocked by the on board TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator). The excellent rejection of word-clock jitter makes DENAFRIPS DAC less reliance to the source equipment clock quality. VENUS II 12TH-1 can transform your consumer grade computer, CDPlayer to high-end sound quality.

Enhanced PSU & Transformer

  • Redesigned Power Supply Module with Dual O-Core Transformers 80VA x 2

  • High-biased constant current delivery to the Digital and Analog circuitry via Silver Cable 

Divide & Conquer ​

  • Encased PSU Box is shielded underneath of the DAC Motherboard with additional MU-Metal divider in between to enhance the electrical-interference rejection

Clean power equates to the foundation of good sound. A dedicated linear power supply unit, designed and encased in a 1.5mm thick metal alloy enclosure, can be found underneath the DAC motherboard, along with a MU-Metal divider in between.


The box-within-box design, not only does it eliminates the inherited problems of dual box solution, it presents the details and attentions DENAFRIPS put into the premium DAC design.


Beefy dual O-Core Transformers 80VA x 2 for Digital and Analog sections, Ultra-Low ESR, Long Endurance Reservoir Capacitors, and multi-stages super linear power supply, ensuring ultra precision, low ripple power supply charging up DAC.

In the VENUS II 12TH-1, DENAFRIPS has made a deliberate and significant change by introducing a simplified AC main power socket. Contrary to being a cost-cutting measure, this modification reflects DENAFRIPS' commitment to high-quality power supply as the cornerstone of superior sound.

​To achieve this goal, DENAFRIPS has gone the extra mile by customizing the AC mains power socket in-house using UPOCC gold-plated copper. In the VENUS II 12TH-1, a non-switched AC mains socket, firmly believing that this step will bring the device even closer to attaining an exceptional level of perfection


The VENUS II 12TH-1 is ideal DAC that caters to music aficionados who cherish intricate details, a spacious soundstage, precise imaging, and a subtle warmth to enrich the musical experience.


Its exceptional performance may be considered among the most crucial elements for high-fidelity audio systems.

Above information taken from Denafrips Website.



  •  Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture 

  •  True balanced 26BIT  R2R +  6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters) 

  •  Low Thermal Effect, High Precision Hand-Matched 0.005% Resistors  



  •  Encapsulated Ultra Low Noise Power Supply 

  •  Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator TCXO 

  •  Adaptive FIFO Buffer and Reclocking 

  •  DSD1024, PCM1536 Supports On USB & I²S Input 

  •  Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU 

  •  Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform 

  •  Driverless On Mac & Linux 

  •  Dual AES/EBU Input Supports 

  •  Sharp/Slow Filters Option 

  •  I²S Pinout Configuration 

  •  I²S DSD Channel Swap Configuration 




  •  DSD64 / 2.8224MHz (DoP) on Coax/AES/Opt Input 

  •  DSD1024 / 45.1584MHz * On USB & I²S Input Only 

  • PCM 24bits / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz On All Input 

  •  1536kHz* On USB & I²S Input 


NOTE* USB Firmware V3.4.1 - PCM1536 / DSD1024 supports disabled for compatibility with macOS  


Digital Input 

  • Coax 1 via RCA 

  •  Coax 2 via BNC 75 Ω 

  •  TOSLink x 1 

  •  AES EBU x 2 

  •  USB2.0 Type B 

  •  I²S via HDMI LVDS 


Analog Output

  •  RCA at 2.0Vrms, 625 Ω 

  •  XLR at 4.0Vrms, 1250 Ω 

Sampling Mode

  •  Non-Oversampling NOS 

  •  Oversampling OS 


  • AC Power Requirement 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (Worldwide Voltage) 

  • Power Consumption ≤20W 

  • Frequency Response 20-70KHz -3dB 

  • THD+N 0.0020% 

  • S/N Ratio 120dB 

  • Dynamic Range >121dB 

  • Stereo Crosstalk -110dB 

  • Dimension 320 x 330 x 80 mm 

  • Weight 8.5 Kg 

For more information or to purchase this item please contact us here or call us on the number below.


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